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How to get composting

How to get composting 

Our resident gardeners love to share some of their expert knowledge with you and today we are talking COMPOST.
Composting is always a great way to improve the health of one’s garden and grounds and February is a great time to start. You can use bins and containers for your compost pile, depending on the size of your property. Decomposition of the organic material varies, as plant material could break down in as fast as two weeks or as long as a year.
Leaves and grass clippings will decompose faster than wooden branches and twigs but still we recommend that you cut or shred the sizeable materials into smaller pieces. In addition, you should apply water to sustain moisture for your compost pile but be careful not to over water.

Don’t forget to regularly turn the compost pile around to allow air to reach all of the content. After all, the microorganism’s that feed on the organic materials need air, water and sustenance. Stirring the compost pit allows more oxygen to be absorbed and for heat to develop, which stimulates the decomposition process.

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